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Topeak Tubi Booster CO2 Inflator


CO2-Inflator of the newest generation especially for tubeless tires. Made of high quality aluminum, the 1L volume air tank is compatible with any conventional floor pump and will securely mount even the most stubborn tubeless tire on the rim.


The TubiBooster head, also made of aluminum, is compatible with any 16 g / 25 g CO2 threaded cartridge  and can thus also be used as a CO2 inflator on the go.


Head:for Presta- & Schrader-Valves

Airchamber: 1 Liter /  200 psi / 14 bar

Material: Aluminium

Size: 6 x 4,6 x 2,5 cm (Inflator) 28,5 x Ø 8,1 cm (Chamber Alloy)

Weight: 32 g (Inflator) 820 g (Chamber