Topeak PanoBike Heart Rate Monitor

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Works with iPhone 4S/5 or smart devices with BLE 4.0

Advanced Bluetooth® Smart (BLE 4.0) super low energy consumption wireless heart rate monitor provides real-time heart rate on your mobile training Apps and turns your smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth® Smart Ready device into your personal training and health management device. 

Unique Bluetooth® Smart algorithm extends battery lifetime up to incredible 1800 hours (5 years with 1hr/day use). 

* Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Tech Bluetooth® Smart Super Low Energy Technology
Battery Life 1800 hours (5 years if workout 1 hour per day)
Fit Chest 60 - 110 cm / 23.6” - 43.3”
90 - 140 cm / 35.4” - 55.1” (with chest strap extension)
Transmission Range