Topeak Deluxe Accessory Kit

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With this breakdown set nothing can go wrong on the way. With a tire defect you have the right tools at hand and it can go on fast. The following items belong to the set:

Topeak Peakini mini pump
The small air pump is compatible with Auto and Presta valves. The folding T-handle makes working with it very comfortable. To avoid dirt in the pump head, it has a small dust cap. For transport, it can be attached to hand next to the bottle holder.

maximum pressure: 8 bar / 120 PSI
Compatibility Valve: Auto, Presta Valves
Length: 270 mm

Topeak Folding Mini Tool 7 functions
Made of high quality tool steel, this 7-function mini tool is virtually indestructible. It helps you to carry out minor adjustments on the way.

Material tool: steel
Material body: plastic
Functions: Allen key 2/3/4/5/6 mm, Phillips and flat screwdriver

Topeak tire lever
With these sturdy tire levers changing the tube child's play.

Topeak Patch Kit Box
This box contains 6 self-adhesive patches and a small sandpaper to clean the affected area. With it you can quickly fix each plate and save valuable seconds in the race

Weight (complete kit): 316 g


1x TOPEAK air pump Peakini incl. Bracket
1x Topeak Mini Tool 7 functions
1 pair of tire levers
1x tube patch kit patch kit box