Reynolds Freehub Bodies

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HURY20052 - Shimano 11s for 2013-2017 Perfromance wheel range - Includes Drive side locknut required for 10s conversions 

HURY20072 - Campagnolo for 2013-2017 Perfromance wheel range (Hubs with Reynolds inner componentry)

HURY21154 - Shimano 11s for 2013-2017 Perfromance wheel range - Excludes Drive side locknut (not required unless converting from 10s)

HURY21156 - Reynolds Element Disc Freehub

HURY21290 - SRAM XX1 XD Driver for Summit MTB wheel range

HURY22147, HURY22148, HURY22149, HURY22496 - Freehubs for Reynolds branded hubs 2019+

HURY87141 - Reynolds Trail & XC MTB wheels Approx 2015-2017 with 6 pawl freehubs