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Affordable, easy-to-install power for OEM bikes.

Quarq’s DZero Power Meter platform will help you reach a higher level in training, competing and riding. And with the new Quarq Prime Power Ready Crankset, it’s easy and affordable. Beginning with 2017 models, select bicycles will be equipped with Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets. They more than hold their own as standard cranks. But if you add the Quarq DZero Power Meter Spider, you can become a fitter, faster cyclist. Look for the Power Ready decal.

Features & Benefits

  • Available with SRAM 1X or 2X chainrings.
  • The 8-bolt interface offers power meter installation in the field with accurate and consistent data.
  • A static cling decal and spider graphic highlight the Power Ready nature.
  • Carbon fiber or forged aluminum crank arms.
  • The affordable, easy to install power meter spiders offer the same state-of-the-art technology as Quarq’s power meters.

Essential Details

  • Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets are installed on bicycles as original equipment only. They are not sold separately.


DZero Hidden Bolt 110 or 130 bcd (Pairing a HB version and SRAM chainrings will align the chain derailment pin and crank arm)

Dzero Spider Non Hidden Bolt, 110 or 130 Bcd - (Designed to work with traditional 5-bolt chainrings from most manufacturers)

Dfour Spider (The DFour power meter spider works with Shimano®’s 11-speed Dura-Ace® 9000, Ultegra® 6800 and 105® 5800 chainrings)

Dfour91 Spider (Designed for Dura-Ace® R9100 chainrings. Compatible with Ultegra® R8000 chainrings)

SRAM XX1 Eagle Non-Hidden Bolt Spider (Requires an X-SYNC 2 (12-speed) or X-SYNC (11-speed) 104 BCD chainring)

SRAM XX1 Eagle Non-Hidden Bolt Boost Spider (Requires an X-SYNC 2 (12-speed) or X-SYNC (11-speed) 104 BCD chainring)