Mucky Nutz Face Fender Mini

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I shall call you... Mini Face Fender 

As the name would suggest, this is a scaled down version of our original Face Fender, designed for Cyclocross and Road bikes!

Stops any road grit, muck, horse, cow and dog s*** being flung into your face!
Fitted as close as possible to the rubber for optimum 'muck' catching.
Can be used on all wheel sizes.
Discreet and very effective. 
The lightest CX or Road mudguard available - at just 15g!
Attached using Velcro straps or zip-ties making it easy to fit and take off.
Compatible with all fork designs.
Easy to clean as it's flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you're done!

Length: 180mm
Width: 203mm
Mass: 15g