Mucky Nutz Chainstay Protector & Cable Rub Patches

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Protect your pride and joy!

Our chainstay & cable rub patches are manufactured from military grade Polyurethane, which is highly resistant to impact and abrasion, providing the best protection from chafage! 

They can also be used to protect against rubbing on bike racks, equipment etc. 

Super discreet - Completely clear with no printed text or logos to spoil the look of your bike's paintwork.

Quick and easy to apply, the strong adhesive keeps them firmly in place. 

The pack includes:

  • 1 x Cleansing pad
  • 1 x Profiled chainstay protector patch measuring 230mm x 30mm.
  • 2 x Rectangular cable rub patches measuring 35mm x 25mm with rounded edges.