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Both versions of the Trenta are built to offer maximum ventilation and aerodynamic performance. The difference between them is simply one of construction, with the Trenta tipping the scales at just slightly heavier than its 3K Carbon big brother.

While a small weight sacrifice is made, the drag-reduction offered by both Trenta designs is totally equal, ensuring you can cut through the wind with efficiency and speed, arriving at the finish feeling fresher than your rivals.

Two incredible options, the choice is yours


Construction In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

Fit system Safe-T Orbital

Padding Hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads

Straps and divider Air lite straps and adjustable divider

Be seen Reflective rear stickers

Compatibility MET USB LED light; DualGel Front Pad

Certification CE, AS/NZ, US

S 52-56cm

M 56-58cm