MET Rivale

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Our engineers have spent hours in the wind tunnel with the support of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka to research the best aerodynamics performances.

The specific shape of the Rivale enables a rider to save up to 3 watts at 50km/h: this translates to a 1 second time advantage compared to other similar road helmets.

The Venturi effect allows the maximum air intake with the lowest drag possible. Through air channels inside the helmet hot air is pulled to the rear exhausting vents producing a great cooling effect.

The Rivale is the new standard of aero.

Outer shell construction  :  In-Mould
Inner shell  :  Shock absorbing polystyrene
Chin strap buckle  :  Anti-pinch buckle 
Straps  :  Air lite straps
Strap divider    Anti-slip cam divider
Fit system  :  Safe-T Advanced
Padding  :  Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads. Hand washable
Be seen  :  Reflective rear sticker, MET USB LED Light device compatible
Certifications  :  CE, AS, CPSC


                M             L
CE         230 gr    250 gr
AU         230 gr    250 gr
CPSC    260 gr    290 gr

M 54/58cm

L 59/62cm