M2O Run and Sports Sock

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M2O Run and Sports Compression Socks are scientifically designed with a unique energy maintenance system, M2O Run and sports sock simultaneously support and stimulate the area from heel to calf. 

Specific compression design encourages better blood flow, upgraded energy transfer, and greater circulation.

As well as providing vital support throughout the arch of the foot, M2O Run and sports socks have in-built ventilation to reduce slipping and rubbing during heavy exercise.

1. M2O’s compression system has ergonomically designed (AIB) Anti-Inflammatory bands to help support the lower leg during exercise. Giving you the benefits of full (ROM) Range of motion while maintaining maximum comfort.

2. M2O’s ACTIVE RELEASE Anti-Inflammatory band reduces the impact on these areas by providing support.

3. The unique anti-inflammatory band supports your Achilles and relieves pressure around the heel.

4. Active release, odor-reducing materials provide anti-bacterial moisture wicking for dry feet and maximum comfort.

5. Olefin/nylon yarns provide the ultimate mix of comfort and performance.

6. Seamless toes reduce chafing, providing maximum protection and longer wearability.

7. Mesh panels accelerate moisture wicking and breathability.

8. Scientifically designed footbed area incorporates technology to reduce slipping and accelerate moisture wicking.

9. Specifically designed energy and impact transfer system, transferring the impact zone into energy.