Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport

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A mountain bike specific e-bike saddle for men and women. Longer periods of sitting, steeper uphills and greater levels of impact characterize the E-MTB experience. After intense development, the optimal saddle shape was found. The rear ramp supports the rider in steep uphill-riding situations while seated. The saddle contours facilitates the change to the downhill position when riding behind the saddle. The V-shape also offers freedom of movement across the wide flanks up to the padded nose – important for particularly steep climbs. Maximum comfort for men and women – there are huge anatomic differences between men and women when it comes to seated ergonomics. Ergon has designed the relief surfaces according to the latest in scientific knowledge and extensive testing. The results are gender specific shapes of relief channels – effectively avoiding pressure spikes and preventing numbness or related discomfort.

  • E-MTB specific saddle
  • Men and Women specific designs
  • 2 sizes available, based in rider sit bone width
  • Supporting rear ramp
  • Orthopedic Comfort Foam with OrthoCell® Inlays
  • Pronounced relief channel or cut-out
  • Pressure relief inlays
  • Nylon Composite Shell
  • Microfiber cover
  • CroMo rails
  • Starting at 300 grams
  • S/M: 9-12cm sitbone width
  • M/L: 12-16cm sitbone width
  • 220 lb recommended max rider weight limit