Enduro Jockey Wheels Ceramic XD-15

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At PRV we aim to be your one stop solution for Enduro bearings, jockey wheels, bottom brakets, suspension kits, etc. Please contact us with any requests, we'll add any items from the Enduro stock catalogue to our stock holdings so that we can support all of your needs. Your feedback will be essential for us to have a full and complete range. Likewise if you have any enuiries as to the appropriate bearings to use from the vast Enduro range, please contact us.

XD-15 Pulleys

The ultimate jockey wheel with Enduro XD-15 bearings. Not only 1 gram lighter each than the super light ZERO’s, these will outlast your derailleur’s lifespan! These pulleys will spin with the same speed years from now, thanks to our rust and corrosion-free XD-15 bearings. When installed with our XD-15 bottom bracket and XD-15 wheel kit, these complete the ultimate Enduro Bearings speed kit for your bike, reducing the overall friction to almost nothing.