Enduro Ceramic XD-15 Bottom Bracket BB90 to 24mm (Shimano) Crank

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BB90 to 24mm Shimano Crankset

Designed for Trek BB90 bracket shells when using a Shimano 24mm crankset.

XD-15 Corsa - XD15 is a material exclusive to Enduro bearings and is different than any material available to the market. The XD-15 steel is nitrogen infused and will not rust or corrode. The process to produce this steel involves re-melting a very high grade of martensitic stainless steel from the end of an electrode. This occurs in a highly-controlled re-melt chamber while introducing nitrogen gas, producing a homogenous steel, free from course carbides and giving ultimate fatigue resis- tance. Both 24MM ID and 30MM ID XD-15 Corsa bearings use a 45o angular contact design to handle both radial and axial loads. The 45o design allow us to use the largest size Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls inside the XD-15 bearing races. When combined, the ceramic balls and XD-15 material will breakdown any contaminants that may get past the seal only to polish the ball raceway and improve performance over time. XD-15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology.