Bowden Outer Wire & Casing Caps - 5 sizes

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The bowden cable is a semi flexible cable used to transmit mechanical force by the movement of an inner cable relative to a hollow outer cable housing. The cable housing is constructed of an inner plastic sleeve, surrounded by spiral steel wire which is coated with a plastic outer sheath.  

  Available in 5 sizes as follows:- 

  • No 0 - OD 4.50mm   ID 1.7mm
  • No.1 - OD 5.00mm   ID 2.0mm
  • No.2 - OD 5.50mm   ID 2.3mm
  • No.3 - OD 6.00mm   ID 2.5mm
  • No.4 - OD 7.00mm   ID 3.0mm
  • Nylon liner