AHEADSET System - Zero Stack 1-1/8"

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The all new Aheadset® is more than just a collection of 6 individual headset models; it's a system. The Aheadset® system intelligently maximizes the interchangeability of parts and minimizes the number of unique parts. With just 21 unique parts 11 different headset configurations can be assembled, including a ZeroStack™ for threaded or threadless 1" or 1-1/8".

The ingenious design of the Aheadset® cone allows it to be used as a crown race when turned over. This means the cup, bearing, and cone form identical top and bottom assemblies promoting easy installation and fewer unique parts. The cups and cones work together with an innovative LubeAlarm o-ring to seal-out contaminants. The compression ring is integrated into a first of its kind compression cover creating a simple and light assembly.

part number HSDZS286AK
description Aheadset.ZS ZeroStack™ Threadless
size 1 1/8"
material Steel
race 30.0mm
cup 44.0mm
bearing 5/32 Ball
top stack height 10mm
bottom stack height 4.5mm
weight 130g